from photo to finish

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Here are some of the initial photos the portraits have been based on:


They don’t have to me masterpieces on their own, but it is good to get down to their level to take the shot rather than looking down at them.  Yes this means lying on your belly sometimes.

Aim to get their face in focus.  Take a number of shots and tell me which photos captures the expression you want for the portrait.

If you have multiple pets for the same portrait, take the photos in the same lighting conditions so they make sense when placed together.

dudley       pet portrait-dudley

milo the guys squirt   

                      pet portrait-squirt, milo, bella

suchi bindi1 bindi2

                               bindi and suchi

                 goose lucy goosey

                 tabby meg

                 fishy goldfish

                 benny benny

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