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Susan Bruce

For all enquiries, email me at suzembw@gmail.com

I am a largely self-taught artist-maker-of-things and have drawn portraits since I was  child.  I have had various jobs working with dogs and cats and love their quirks.  I live in Perth, Western Australia with my husband Damien and our dog Bruce and cat Subi.  Subi was an abandoned kitten I came across through work 12 years ago and I brought him home for my husband – who loves him so much he takes selfies with him in his (man cave) shed!  Bruce was the product of an unplanned pregnancy between a Kelpie and a Maltese Terrier and needed a home.   He turned out terribly cute and is my new little best friend and almost constant companion!  This photo above is me with Bruce when he was only a pup, and below is my portrait of him all grown up.

Little Bruce

A lot of my artworks tend to be animal based as I love their often crazy personalities and unfiltered engagement.  People would ask me if I could draw their pet so I started this site to show what was possible and help with the process.   I use mainly pencils on acid free archival paper and I compose the image from your photos.  Some of the works you see in the gallery are charcoal or pastel, which need some special consideration when framing.  The pencil portraits are a lot more versatile when framing, or posting the finished artwork.

A portrait is such a personal thing.  I love that moment when I first show the finished work to the recipient and their face lights up!  The artwork can be big or small and makes a great gift.  A portrait can also be a unique way of remembering  a furry friend who is no longer with us and celebrate their life!

Below are my portraits of our previous fur-babies.

Bully the Kelpie Border Collie Cross who was dumped as a pup and I was lucky enough to live with him for 15 years!!  My faithful friend who I miss terribly.


And Matilda the abandoned mother of six kittens, with a stumpy tail and constant Meow.  She grew a little rotund in her later years and I miss watching her doing sit ups to lick her belly or reach around with her right paw to scratch her own backside.  Lots of personality, and Subi missed her until I found little Bruce to harass him instead.


All images on this site are copyright susanmaria creations.  All rights reserved.

                                          Perth, Western Australia.

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  1. Allison

    The crocheted clothes are fab. Can’t wait for Zoe to wear your jacket next winter. I’ll have to get her some cool boots to go with it!!


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